Chile is Back: Vaccinated travelers with negative PCR results will not have to undergo quarantine upon arriving in Chile

New regulation changes were recently announced by the Ministry of Health which will come into effect as from November 1st.

This morning, the health authority announced the modifications to the “Protected Borders Plan” currently in force in our country. The new provisions are essentially related to eliminating the mandatory 5-day quarantine for those who have completed and validated their vaccination program and have a negative PCR, which travelers must take upon arriving in Chile.

However, those who do not have their Mobility Pass (regardless of their age, nationality, or place of residence) must undergo a mandatory 7-day preventive quarantine in Chile. On the other hand, those who do not take the PRC test in our country must comply with the compulsory quarantine of 5 days.

Chile’s health authority also informed that children under six will be allowed to travel abroad without their “Mobility Pass” since they are still too young and do not have access to the current vaccination plan against COVID-19. Finally, the Ministry of Health once again called upon international travelers who plan to visit Chile to carry out the procedure to approve their vaccination program prior to their visit to the country.

Chile is back

This news aims to promote the latest international tourism campaign “Chile is back”which is already in effect. This campaign is promoted by the Undersecretary of Tourism and SERNATUR (Chile’s National Tourism Board) in order to support the recovering tourism industry by promoting tourism in our country.

It is a brief, concise, and high-impact message in which the campaign seeks to communicate that traveling to Chile’s different destinations in a safe manner is possible. It also emphasizes aspects such as the health component that our country is recognized for worldwide, linked to the promotion of destinations in open spaces and without large crowds of people, which is ultimately the country’s central pillar and competitive advantage.

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