A new website has been launched to encourage foreign travelers to Chile

Chile.travel is available in five languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and German.

To attract more foreign tourists to our country, the government has launched a new Chile.travel website; a tool that comes equipped with useful information regarding destinations and activities that can be enjoyed in our country. The site looks to captivate potential travelers from all over the world and inspire them to visit Chile.

Economy, Development and Tourism Minister, Luis Felipe Céspedes, confirms that, “this year’s budget includes a 52% increase in resources destined for international promotion. The idea is that the world becomes better acquainted with our country’s wonder and all the experiences on offer”.

Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes, highlights that, “this work is the result of the National Plan for Sustainable Tourist Development, led by the ministry and which looks to increase resources for international promotion. By 2018, the investment made in international promotional material will reach more than $13 billion, an increase of 110% on 2014 during which $6.5 billion were invested.

The present website is available in five languages and offers up-to-date news, a section that collects and shares experiences enjoyed by the many tourists who visit our country and a trip planner that invites users to make decisions about the places they will visit during their stay on national soil.

 Updates to the new website

The website offers two important navigation options:

Where to go: a section that includes Chile’s main destinations, organized in five macro zones (Atacama Desert; Center, Santiago and Valparaiso; South, lakes and volcanoes; Patagonia and the Antarctica; Easter Island) grouping destinations together according to their geography and their principal attractions. A total of 42 of Chile’s largest destinations and 126 of its tourist attractions are listed.

What to do: a section that includes nine experiences, grouping together 44 different activities that tourists can enjoy when visiting Chile.

The new site comes equipped with a section dedicated to gathering and sharing the experiences enjoyed by those who travel across Chile; a section that includes videos, photographs and textual accounts.

There’s also a section that focuses on Business Tourism, revealing all the characteristics that make Chile an excellent destination for business travel.

A trip planner forms part of the new features, making it possible to organize a list of places that future visitors would most like to discover on the days that they plan to travel to Chile. The list appears as map-like reference.

Other improvements have been made to the site to make it easier to find information. There are more photographs, which make the platform more attractive. IP addressing allows us to show users information relevant to them, according to the interests they have in the market, as well as listing events by macro zone.



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Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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