Boutique expeditions in the Seventh Continent with Antarctica 21

Antarctica, one of the most remote places on the planet, is a preserved destination allowing for exploration during the austral summer only. People travel here in search of adventure and discovery and the promise of transformative and unforgettable experiences.


Antartica21 pioneered the Antarctic Air-Cruise model with our first expedition in 2003. Our founders wanted to give travelers a way to cross the tempestuous Drake Passage to reach Antarctica faster in comfort. Now with more than 15 years experience, we offer a 2-hour private flight from Punta Arenas, Chile to the Antarctic Peninsula, where our guests embark on small expedition ships and begin their journey. Today, we have positioned ourselves as the world leader in this exclusive type of travel.


For our 2019-20 season, we will introduce the new Magellan Explorer increasing our fleet of small ships to three. The Magellan Explorer is the world’s first ship designed for Antarctic Air-Cruises. The ship will improve our operations and energy efficiency, as well as offer elegant travel experiences for the demanding traveler.


The Magellan Explorer travel experience is boutique-style within a modern environment, where special attention is paid to the guest experience and the design of the facilities. Cabins are spacious, appointed with premium furnishings; and virtually all guests have access to private balconies, allowing close contact with the Antarctic environment.


Public areas are spacious and conducive to meaningful interactions with Antarctica21’s team of polar experts. We have two meeting rooms designed for special programming, including our Citizen Science program where travellers can participate in educational projects that assist polar scientists. The ship has a dedicated Zodiac embarkation area, with two gangways on each side of the ship, that will provide unparalleled efficiency and speed of operation. There is also a wonderful outdoor barbecue area on the top deck. It offers a protected area that will be used for a variety of events and purposes when the weather allows. Finally, the new ship has modern stabilizers will ensure comfort during navigation.


One of the important features is the fuel capacity of the ship. Large tanks provide the ship with fuel for a 60-day range. This means that the ship does not need to return to port as frequently, maximizing the time spent in Antarctica. The ship has two modern and efficient water evaporation systems that provide the ship with all its water needs between port visits. There is also a system to reuse heat generated from our engines to warm the ship. The recycling of energy will result in reduced fuel costs, improved efficiency, and minimized energy needs overall. Finally, the ship is outfitted with a modern propulsion system that complies with Tier III emission standards, the strictest in the industry, to limit the ship’s environmental impact.




Magellan Explorer will operate five different Air-Cruise itineraries for the 2019-20 season, including Antarctica Express, Classic Antarctica, The Polar Circle, and new options that include the Antarctic Areo-Cruise and South Georgia. The new itineraries offer the opportunity to better appreciate the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in both Antarctica and sub-Antarctic islands.


All trips have daily excursions, always when the weather permits. We invite travelers to experience the snowy soil of Antarctica, to marvel at the unique landscapes, and to appreciate the spectacle of an authentic nature and its wild fauna. Each trip has a high level of educational content provided by our expedition team of polar experts and adventure tourism guides.  As of today, we have several departures with no cabin available, and we are approaching the launch date of the new 2020-21 season, in April 2019.


You can review a complete presentation of Magellan Explorer here, and the trips available on our site



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