Celebrations, wine tasting and family activities in the 2019 Grape Harvest Wine Festival

With fun activities, vineyards and valleys in our country are getting ready to receive a large number of local and foreign tourists who will participate in this traditional national celebration.


Since the first days of March there will be activities related to the main winemaking event in the country: the Grape Harvest Festival. This event to celebrate grape harvesting gathers all our countryside traditions and Chilean wine culture, inviting local and foreign tourists to participate in different activities organized by Chile’s main vineyards and valleys.


One of this year’s main attractions is the Santiago Grape Harvest Fest, which will take place on April 13th and 14th in Av. Italia, and expects to have over 10 thousand participants who will be able to taste wines from the main vineyards in the country, as well as to participate in many educational and typical activities of this celebration.


The different celebrations will combine activities for all the family, gastronomic shows, artistic shows, music and, of course, wine tasting. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity to approach our traditions and the history of one of our country’s main icons.


Vinos de Chile [Wines of Chile], association that gathers most Chilean vineyards invites you to be part of the main activities of the 2019 Grape Harvest Festival. Further information about the activities, prices and times can be found at www.nosgustaelvino.cl




Grape Harvest Fest Santiago
Location and address: Barrio Italia
Date: April 13th and 14th, 2019
Time: Saturday from noon until midnight, Sunday from noon until 19:00.
Type of event: Open
Organized by: Asociación Vinos de Chile
Description: As part of the 2019 Grape Harvest, this event will be taken to the city’s downtown for the first time, with a massive and free family event; you will only have to pay for your glass to have access to the wines.  The event will include several typical grape harvest activities such as grape stomping, wine tasting, as well as typical music and food trucks, etc.
Price: Free entrance. Wine-tasting glass costs Ch$5,000 and includes 3 wine tasting.


Isla de Maipo’s Municipal Grape Harvest
Location: Isla de Maipo’s Main Square and main street.
Date: April 6th and 7th
Time: All day.

Glass sale schedule: Saturday April 6th, between 12:30 and 18:30; Sunday April 7th, between 12:30 and 17:30. Wine tasting hours: Saturday April 6th, between 12.30 and 19.30; Sunday April 7th between 12.30 and 18.30; Sunday April 7th, Chilean Mass on the main scenario, on one side of the Main Square.
Description: The event will gather 11 vintner companies, local and national entrepreneurs, gourmet products, typical food, grape stomping, wine tasting, Chilean Mass, and live shows.
Organized by: Isla de Maipo City Council
Participating vineyards: Tarapacá, De Martino, Santa Ema, Terramater, Teillery, 7 Colores (ex Lourdes), Chateau Potrero Seco, Robba & Rossi, Laurent, Rukumilla and Ancora.


Maipo’s 1551 Grape Harvest
Location: Las Majadas de Pirque (José Julio Nieto s/n, Loteo Parque Las Majadas, Pirque, Metropolitan Region).
Date: April 26th and 28th
Time: Friday 26th from 18:00 | Where: Las Majadas de Pirque; Saturday 27th : between 11:30 and 19:30| Where: Las Majadas de Pirque; Sunday 28th: All day | Where: Maipo Valley Vineyards.
Description: Come and celebrate with us the first Grape Harvest of Chile in a carnival of flavors, colors and music in a unique environment and very close to Santiago, in Las Majadas de Pirque and Maipo Valley Vineyards. Wine tasting in the park, live music, activities for kids, talks, wine presentations and their history.
Organized by: Las Majadas de Pirque


Buin’s Grape Harvest
Location: Avenida O´Higgins Park, Buin.
Date: March 29th – 31st  
Time: Friday 29th, between 18:00 and 23:00; Saturday 30th between 11:00 and midnight, and Sunday 31st, between 11:00 and 21:00
Description: The event will include national artistic quality shows for our visitors to enjoy with their families.  They are also invited to participate in activities such as grape stomping, expert sommeliers talks, and other activities around wine.
Organized by: Buin City Council
Participating vineyards: Viña Santa Rita, Viña Carmen, Viña Concha y Toro, Viña Espaldares del Maipo, Viña Portal del Alto, Viña Ventisquero, Viña Baron Philippe, Viña Muñoz Robles, Viña San Esteban, Viña Torres del Paine, Viña Lo Merchant, Vinos Animal, among others.




Toconao’s Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Town of Toconao
Date: March 15th and 16th
Time: 11:00 am
Description: You are all invited to be part again of this TOCONAO 2019 Grape Harvest Festival and Local Heritage Fair.
The community, tourists and visitors will have the chance to enjoy the talent of the different artists who have been  invited to this year’s celebration, including: El Clavel, Los Indolatinos, La gran América Junior, local artists, and a varied and flavorful sample of Atacama food, wine routes, folk exhibitions and much more.
Organized by: San Pedro de Atacama City Council / Alturas Licka Antay Vintners
Participating vineyards: Viña Santa Romina, Viña El tata, Viña El teje, Viña Tronco viejo, Viña Santa Rosa, among others.




Aconcagua Valley


Panquehue Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Los Manantiales de Panquehue Resort
Date: April 6th  
Time: between noon and 20:00
Description: the Panquehue Grape Harvest Festival will take place in Los Manantiales de Panquehue, an oasis surrounded by a lake and a estuary. Activities include grape stomping, election of the Grape Harvest Queen and King, live music, raffle, children games and of course wine tasting.
Organized by: Panquehue City Council and Aconcagua Vintners Association.
Participating vineyards: Viña In Situ, Viña Flaherty, Viña El Escorial, Viña Peumayen, Viña von Siebenthal, Viña Sánchez de Loria, Viña Baron Knyphausen, Narbona Wines and Viña Errázuriz.


San Antonio Valley Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Viña Hacienda San Juan, Santo Domingo.
Date: March 16th  
Time: between 11:00 and 19:00
Description: Eight vineyards will offer first-class wines with San Antonio Valley’s designation of origin. This event’s location is particularly special thanks to the park’s historic and aesthetic value.
Organized by: Viña Hacienda San Juan, Santo Domingo.
Participating vineyards: Viña Ventisquero – Viña Chocalan – Casa Marin – Hacienda San Juan – Garcés Silva – Matetic – CAV.


Casablanca Valley


Harvest Experience
Location: Casablanca Valley, Hijuelas Nº 2 Centro Ex Fundo Santa Rosa, Casablanca.
Date: All March and April
Time: Every day at 10.30 am during March and April
Description: Fun activity where participants will be the main actors in the wine process, experiencing vineyard harvest, grape selection, and learning about the elaboration process in situ. It includes wine tasting activities.
Organized by: Viña Casas del Bosque

Participating Vineyard: Viña Casas del Bosque


Casablanca Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Casablanca Municipal Stadium
Date: March 30th and 31st
Time: All day
Description: Visitors will be able to enjoy local food, local games, live music with invited artists, grape stomping, handcraft exhibition and kids activities, and the traditional election of the Casablanca Grape Harvest Queen 2019.
Organized by: Casablanca Valley Winemaking Business Owners Association and Casablanca City Council.


San Antonio Grape Harvest Festival, Vinos de Proa 2019
Location: San Juan de Leyda, kilometer 11
Date: March 16th  
Time: between 11:00 and 19:00
Description: Wine exhibition and tasting of the San Antonio area wines. Exhibition and tasting of typical coastal area food.
Organized by: Vinos de Proa

Participating vineyards: Viñas Casas de Bucalemu, Casa Marín, Chocalán, Garcés Silva, Hacienda San Juan, Leyda, Matetic and Ventisquero.


In Situ Open Day / In Situ Open Doors
Location: Av. La Florida 2220, San Esteban, Los Andes.
Date: April 13th
Time: Between noon and 19:00
Description: In the Viña San Esteban “Open Day” event, the public can enjoy the best wine per glass. There will also be free tours to see the wine cellars (12:30 and 15:00), and Technical Grapes & Wine Tasting: an activity guided by the enologist, where participants can taste wines and grapes of the same variety or vine. It will be an experience for all senses and a unique opportunity to learn some more in the middle of the harvest season. For this activity you must previously register and spaces are limited, it costs Ch$20,000 per person. The “Open Day” event will include the traditional grape stomping, where the public can participate and win excellent prizes. Together with wine, which will the focus that day, there will be a local food and handcraft exhibition (food trucks, lamb cookout and Chilean-style kebabs, among others). For children, there will be horseback riding and games. For further information on this and other events, please check @insituwines or visit www.insitu.wine.
Organized by: Viña San Esteban

Participating vineyard: Viña San Esteban


Piernas Largas Saint Grape Harvest, The Freak Show
Location: Club de Campo Las Salinas, Av. Jorge Montt 12100, Viña del Mar.
Date: April 20th and 21st
Time: Saturday from noon until midnight. Sunday from noon until 20.00.
Description: A one-of-a-kind grape harvest, with the Piernas Largas style. We want to break the traditional establishment and show our irreverence through a Freak Show. Food, music, stands with unique products and tons of fun. Come and let yourself be surprised. Let’s take a Big Step together!   




Colchagua Valley


Colchagua Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Santa Cruz Main Square
Date: March 8th, 9th and 10th
Time: All day
Description: This 2019 the Colchagua Grape Harvest Festival gets decked out to celebrate 20 years enjoying wine with you. In these two decades, it has been able to position as the first grape harvest each year and it annually congregates over 140 thousand visitors around its activities.
Organized by: Colchagua Vineyards Association and Santa Cruz City Council.
Participating vineyards: Colchagua Vineyards: Apaltagua, Bisquertt, Encierra, Casa Silva, Koyle, Lapostolle, Los Vascos, Luis Felipe Edwards, Montes, MontGras, Santa Cruz, Viñedos Veramonte, Siegel, Ventisquero, Viu Manent, Polkura, Escondida, Viña Maquis, Emiliana and OWM Wines.


Marchigüe Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Marchigüe Main Square
Date: March 16th and 17th  
Time: All day
Description: Marchigüe, picturesque town of wide streets and old façade houses currently surrounded by large vineyards and wind mills. Like every year, in the Marchigüe Grape Harvest you will be able to get to know the town and enjoy its food, craftwork, shows and best wines.
Organized by: Marchigüe City Council
Participating vineyards: 14 approximately


Rengo Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Rengo Main Square
Date: March 15th and 16th
Time: Noon until midnight
Description: Show the wealth of this Chilean region through this typical celebration, and encourage the participation of those who preserve our land’s roots through Chilean food and craftwork, thus promoting economic development, rescue the traditions and spreading […sic]
Organized by: Rengo City Council.


MontGras Grape Harvest
Location: Camino Isla de Yaquil s/n
Date: Monday through Sunday
Time: Monday through Friday 10:30, 12:30, 15:00 and 16:00. Saturday and Sunday 10:30, 12:30 and 15:50.
Description: Come and live an incredible and unique experience that starts in our vineyards, followed by a visit to the wine cellar and finishing with an excellent wine tasting paired with a fine cheese platter. This wine tasting includes 2 Icono wines (Intriga Máxima and MontGras Ninquén), 2 Ultra Premium wines (Intriga and MontGras ANTU Limited) and 1 Super Premium wine (MontGras ANTU)
Organized by: MontGras

Participating vineyards: MontGras


Los Vascos
Location: Camino a Pumanque km 5, Peralillo
Date: Every day
Time: Tuesday – Friday between 9:00 and 13:30, 14:30 and 17:00, Saturdays between 09:00 and 14:00. Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Holidays.
Description: Throughout the year, guided Tours & Wine Tasting are conducted in English and Spanish, where you will be able to visit the vineyard, the wine cellar and taste our wines. We have a maximum capacity of 15 people. All our tours are private and for those over 12 years old. Appointments and reservations must be made at least 1 day in advance.

Organized by: Viña los Vascos

Participating vineyard: Viña los Vascos




Maule Valley


XLIV Molina Grape Harvest Folk Festival
Location: Molina Main Square   
Date: March 8th, 9th and 10th
Time: All day
Description: This event provides a space to all those who cultivate our folkloric roots, presenting their creations that are evaluated by an experienced jury. This event is recognized as one of the most transparent ones in the country.
Organized by: Molina City Council
Participating vineyards: Viña San Pedro, Valle de Curicó, Valdivieso and Viña Aresti


Curicó Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Curicó Main Square
Date: March 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th  
Time: All day
Description: Like every year, the popular traditional celebration will allow visitors to get to know and taste the wines that are part of the Curicó Valley Wine Route. Thus, Aresti, Altacima, Echeverría, Correa Albano, Las Pitras, Millamán, Miguel Torres, Folatre, Requingua, San Pedro, Valdivieso and Viñedos Puertas will be hosting this expected wine fest, which this year will receive Peru as honor guest country.
Organized by: Curicó City Council
Participating vineyards: 15 vineyards. 12 are located in the Curicó Valley Wine Route, and three of them are independent, but part of the province. (Aresti, Altacima, Echeverría, Correa Albano, Las Pitras, Millamán, Miguel Torres, Folatre, Requingua, San Pedro, Valdivieso and Viñedos Puertas).


Maule Valley Wine Boulevard   
Location: Talca Main Square   
Date: April
Time: All day
Organized by: Maule Valley Wine Route  
Participating vineyards: Viñas Escorial, Peumayen, Von Siebenthal and Sánchez de Loria, which will offer their main and prize-winning vines.


Loncomilla Valley
Location: Parque Jeronimo Lagos Lisboa, San Javier
Date: April 26th  
Time: 19:00
Description: Como PROFO Enoturismo Loncomilla Valley we will celebrate the winemaking heritage day by the end of the grape harvest, revealing the varieties that are surprising the market, such as mission grapes, Torontel, Semillon, Carignan, among the most important ones.
Organized by: PROFO Enoturismo Loncomilla Valley.

Participating vineyards: Balduzzi, Bouchon, Cooperativa Loncomilla, Erasmo, Gillmore and Las Veletas.




Portezuelo 2019 Grape Harvest Festival
Location: Portezuelo Main Square
Date: March 31st
Time: Between 10:00 and 21:30
Description: The Portezuelo Grape Harvest Festival is coming soon. Product’s market, folklore, grape crushing, local food, election of the Grape Harvest Queen and a great closure show with the Sonora Dinamita are the various activities offered by this commune’s typical fest.
Organized by: Portezuelo City Council
Participating vineyards: Viña Lomas de Llahuen, Viña El Quillay, Viña Raíz Criolla, Viña Lomas de Chudal, Viña Altos del Valle, Viña Santa Carla, Viña Gran Palmera, Viña Itata Paraiso and Viña Cortez.


Chillán Grape Harvest
Location: Chillán Main Square
Date: April 5th – 7th  
Time: Between 11:00 and Midnight.
Description: The Chillán City Council, through the Municipal Tourism Office, in order to rescue the folkloric, food and cultural traditions of our commune, has been organizing the traditional Grape Harvest Festival for 10 years, which before that had not been done for 56 years.
This Festival involves the whole family with different activities such as: Wine Gala, Product’s Market, Artistic Show, Queen Election, competitive and demonstrational Grape crushing, Historical Recreation, Fruits Blessing, Waiters’ Race and Chilean Mass.
Organized by: Chillán City Council.





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