Chile and its emerging destinations

Visiting fairly known areas in a comfortably-equipped Holiday Rent RV camper is priceless for those who love adventure and relaxation. We invite you to check some of Chile’s less known spots with a great tourism potential, ideal for the perfect itinerary.

San Pedro de Atacama, Carretera Austral or Torres del Paine are some of tourists’ preferred and better known destinations. However, Chile has immensely beautiful and unknown spots waiting to be discovered.

According to a study conducted by a prestigious Chilean magazine, there are 15 main locations with the potential to become world-class destinations, and here we tell you why
visiting them in a camper is a good idea:

  • Valle del Elqui (Coquimbo Region). If you love stargazing, you will want to see them to their maximum expression, and this region is known for its incredible visibility. One night staring at the sky from your camper from any spot you choose will leave you amazed. Also, the valley offers mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding paths, as well as campers’ excursions.

  • Bahía Inglesa (Atacama Region). Looking for beautiful beaches? Here is one of them. This white-sand, crystal-clear water location is perfect to practice water sports such as windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, among others. Comfortably visiting the place in one of our vehicles will give you maximum freedom.

  • Putre (Arica y Parinacota Region). The mystic of this Andean location almost bordering Peru captivates everyone. It is a small indigenous town full of history and magic that you can reach and easily visit on a camper.

  • Taltal (Antofagasta Region). The cultural heritage is here particularly interesting, as well as its beautiful beaches on the coastline. A morning trekking by the volcano foothills, or a cultural afternoon to learn about its ancient peoples are good plans for this region. During the evening, a visit to the Paranal Observatory will leave you speechless.

  • Monte Patria and its hidden valleys (Coquimbo Region). Its indescribable nature will leave you out of words. Its over 200 towns distributed in five different valleys are waiting for you with an intense cultural itinerary, custom-made to enjoy in our 4×4 vehicles.

  • Siete Tazas National Park (Maule Region). Siete Tazas -Seven Cups- refers to the seven astonishing rocky formations in the Claro River, which make water fall into naturally-made pools that look like cups. Its viewpoints and circuits offering varied difficulty levels allow to practice several outdoors sports.

  • Isla Robinson Crusoe – Juan Fernández (Valparaíso Region). Unfortunately, you cannot reach this place in a camper. The fastest way to get there is by plane: commercial flights travel all year round to the Juan Fernández Archipelago, always depending on the island’s weather conditions. You can also get there by boat once a month and the trip takes 40 hours. This island is a special place for pirate-story fans and if you like lobster, this is a place you cannot miss.

  • Cordillera de Nahuelbuta (Biobío and Araucanía Regions). The Coastal mountain range shows in its best in this area, and in the tallest parts of it you can find the Nahuelbuta National Park, full of thousand-year-old araucaria trees. There you can plan unforgettable rides amidst forests and mountains, while enjoying marvelous starry nights.

  • Santa Cruz (de O´Higgins Region). Wine lover? This is your place. This region is known as one of the best wine tourism destinations, where you can visit countless world-class vineyards. If you happen to be there around March, you can be part of the traditional “Colchagua Grape Harvest Fest”.

  • Valle las Trancas – Nevados de Chillán (Ñuble Region.) Native flora and fauna are this place’s main attraction, and that is why it was appointed Unesco World Biosphere Reserve in 2011. It stands out as a central point to visit different routes around this biological corridor.

  • Lago General Carrera (Aysén Region). This lake, also called Chelenko, stands out for its turquoise color. There, adventurers can be involved in different outdoor activities, and then go back to the comfortable climatized Holiday Rent RV camper.

  • Chiloé (Los Lagos Region). Countless picturesque wooden buildings and churches, declared World Heritage Site can be found in this southern part of Chile. You can easily reach this island by barge.

  •  Valdivia (Los Ríos Region). German influence stands out in this southern city also known as “Chilean Venice”, after the rivers and channels that cross the city. There you can visit old forts and stone castles, and learn about their history. Seafood and beer are a delight around this area.

  • Isla Navarino and Cape Horn (Magallanes Region). Part of the Chilean Antarctica, cold weather and snow are part of the scenery, but with the appropriate outfit you can be part of unforgettable trekking activities in the world’s southernmost point. You can get here by plane from the Punta Arenas’ Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport. By sea, there is a ferry that leaves once a week navigating southern channels and fiords in a 30-hour trip.

  • Lago Budi (Araucanía Region). The Mapuche culture shows its best expression in this place, where activities such as games, cultural events, horseback rides and typical-canoe rides of this indigenous people take place. Since this place still lacks of touristic services and accommodation infrastructure, reaching it with your camper is the perfect choice.

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