Chile Nativo is pioneering eco-plastic accommodations in Chile

Plastic Wood? Discover how we transformed 20 tons of waste into an ecological campsite with Patagonia Circular.

Just a few steps from the marvelous Serrano River, very close to Torres del Paine, you’ll find our base camp: RiverSide Camp. This camping experience is unlike any other, with a distinguishing factor that sets it apart from the rest—its construction material: ecowood. Thanks to our collaboration with Patagonia Circular and their production of eco- friendly materials, we are the first campsite in Chile built using reused waste materials from the Magallanes region.

More than 115 years have passed since the creation of plastic, and today it can be considered a dual discovery. While it was a valuable contribution at its peak, it is now considered a threat.

In Chile, the average daily waste per person is 2.5 pounds. Specifically in Torres del Paine, the waste per person reaches around 28.7 pounds. (Source: Subsecretaría de Desarrollo Regional y Administrativo: Región de Magallanes y Antártica 2018.)

That’s why our main motivation is to innovate through sustainable actions. One of our first steps on this path is at our RiverSide Camp. The campsite offers double Lotus Belle tents with private bathrooms and access to local cuisine, all while enjoying magnificent views of the national park.

Did you know? The base of each tent is constructed with 20 tons of recycled plastic waste from the region, transformed into ecowood. Thanks to the collaboration with Patagonia Circular, we have achieved this milestone! This company is dedicated to the sustainable development of the Magallanes region through the Circular Economy, thereby extending the short lifespan of plastic to over 100 years.

Ecowood is a material that is easy to apply and handle, requires no treatment, is water-resistant, fire-resistant, 100% recycled, and sustainable.

A material like this isn’t created overnight. Patagonia Circular emerged through Bernardita Ortíz, the company’s director, who explains the challenge of creating the first ecowood project in the area at the Chile Nativo RiverSide Camp.

“We transform locally generated products, whether from individuals or industries, offering comprehensive solutions for the entire region.” Explains the Director regarding the importance of the Circular Economy. 

The positive impact on the community is enormous. Eco-indicators demonstrate the project’s sustainability results.

In summary,  approximately 96 trees were saved from being cut down. This also resulted in a total reduction of 77,391 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary greenhouse gas, equivalent to what cars would emit over 90,888 miles. Additionally, 39,004 cubic meters of water were saved, equal to 3,900,400 liters or around 39,004 five-minute showers. Lastly, 390,040 plastic containers did not reach the sea or nature.

RiverSide Camp teaches a lesson: These figures are not just statistics; they bear witness to how collaboration and innovation can become agents of change.

At Chile Nativo, we are committed to ecotourism, and step by step, we have transformed our actions into planet-friendly solutions. This project with Patagonia Circular is a step forward in what we aim to achieve: making local adventure tourism more sustainable.



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