Chile, the perfect destination to plan a personalized trip with Holiday Rent

To reach your destination after driving through beaches, deserts and wild settings is something that you can only do thanks to the freedom of traveling in a camper. You can travel at your own pace and without concerns with Holiday Rent.


Chile is an incredibly beautiful country that captivates everyone who visits it. The different scenery and locations make this nation particularly attractive. Thanks to good domestic and international flight connections, tourist can get to know different parts of the country, because it is impossible to explore the whole country in one visit.


Especially during this low season, Holiday Rent RV offers excellent promotions for northern Chile, because the season between April and October is considered the perfect time to visit this part of the country. Weather is excellent, steady and warm during the day, with little rain, which is unusual for the rest of the territory. Holiday Rent RV is a good partner for your adventure and experience in Chile, because after arriving at the Calama airport, you can have a 4×4 camper available for you, fully adapted to your needs, to discover and visit the country and its people in a very special and close way, without itineraries and worries.


From April through November we offer very low and convenient pick-up and drop-off costs in northern Chile. Winter rates from May until August are also welcome this time. In the north, particularly Arica and Calama are the main camper return cities. Between these two cities there are several attractions that tourists must undoubtedly experience: the Altiplano, lakes, flora and fauna, sand dunes, the Moon and the Death Valley, the geysers, the blue sky during the day and the beautiful starry nights.


The camper that you choose will join you in every adventure, and it also offers a maximum freedom experience at your favorite spot, away from the city life, without losing comfort.


Since June, ski season begins in all the first-level trails available in Chile’s central area. A camper is the perfect idea for “white sport” lovers, as it allows you to visit different ski resorts in the country.


Santiago is a good start-point for your trip, because most of the ski resorts are near Farellones, where you can conquer some of the world’s best trails. To the south you can as well find ski areas surrounded by the beauty of Chile’s native forests.


Holiday Rent RV has 25 years of experience with campers and supports you in every adventure. Our fleet includes different vehicles that offer a solution for every need, requirement and budget. Our multilingual staff will assist you to plan unforgettable holidays in Chile.


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    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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