Idyllic Archipelagos, Volcano Hikes and Nature in its maximum expression for a Magical and Unforgettable Trip
“South” does no longer mean a cardinal point only; it has become an inexplicable mystery and a place where imagination instantly flows. However, today the “South” has a name and is real, it is called Patagonia –a geographical region located in the Southern Cone of the American Continent – and includes territories of the southern end that cover over 640,000 square kilometers between Argentina and Chile.
This time we will tell you about Southern Chile, a place impossible to predict that reveals a rich variety of forests, snowfields, glaciers and nearly wild spots inhabited by a few, but full of wonders. The South promises great adventures and extraordinary stories. It is a land of extremes that inspires and tests the limits of the most daring ones.

In the Chilean Patagonia, everything seems larger and yes, also more chilling. Those who look for adventure tourism and admire nature will certainly find it. Patagonia has Andean lakes, glaciers, and green forests that arouse mountaineering dreams, and in turn, a tingling caused by fear and excitement.

It is impossible to think of Patagonia, without imagining its nature in its maximum expression, the beauty and exoticism of the scenery, the warmth of people, and, above all, the fantastic sport activities available with the best conditions for practice.

A unique offer

Patagonia is a hidden treasure for tourists looking to find the South’s best kept secret.

If you wish to release good amounts of adrenalin, this is the ideal place for you. There are different kinds of activities such as kayaking, mountaineering, trekking, climbing, recreational fishing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and many more activities oriented to that traveler wishing to discover that tough, sometimes hazardous, but always full of excitement destination.

Also, Patagonia offers tourists the chance to be able to connect with the places that they visit because it is possible to get involved with its culture and be in contact with nature. It is impossible not to look, not to appreciate, and not to boast of such charm and that spell that always surrounds the always inspiring Patagonia.

It is a tourism that has undoubtedly focused on specific interests thanks to its particular history, culture, weather and geography, which demand more energy and a more adventurous spirit, with the joy of expecting an exceptional reward.

Fly-fishing, an unforgettable experience

Sport fishing is one of the main attractions of Melimoyu Lodge and its surrounding areas. It is a privileged place with sceneries full of great lakes and crystal-clear rivers, with a combination of colors such as olive green, light blue and turquoise, which dazzle its visitors. There, it is possible to obtain different species such as trout and huge Chinook salmons that vary depending on the season.

Patagonia is the ideal place for those looking for much more than just simple vacations.

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