Chile’s Best Ski Products Tell us What is in Store for 2018

Please find below all the latest 2018 news from our members about the upcoming ski season!



In 2018, this classic Chilean mountain center inaugurates “El Gaucho”, an intermediate level slope that extends over 310 meters.


The Après ski scene over at Portillo also has an innovative experience this season. In July, family activities have been organized throughout the ski resort. Worthy highlights for children include the “Mini Masterchef” cooking events for children, robotic engineering workshops involving LEGO WeDo ™ Robots, magic family shows, superhero appearances and an interactive theater workshop.


El Colorado 

Experienced skiers and professionals rejoice! El Colorado has added a new black slope. Die hard skiers will enjoy trying to dominate the new slope’s difficulty and novelty factors. The nearby Santiago ski center will inaugurate a new restaurant as well as rental and Freestyle School programs.


Parques de Farellones

This family orientated snow park offers a new tubing area in 2018. Is that it? Not quite. Parque Farellones also has the longest multiple canopy on the South American continent. Amongst the other attractions to be found are sledding tracks and a specially designated food truck area. This one of a kind eating space will offer visitors up to eight different food type choices.


Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado boasts amongst the best and most modern ski infrastructure in the country. The continuos innovative spirit of Valle Nevado has allowed them to earn a positive reputation amongst skiers in key inbound markets such as Brazil and Argentina. Snow quality will be nothing short of amazing in 2018 as the snowmaking system has been reenforced with two brand new units. Valle Nevado is no stranger to digital technologies. 2018 brings skiers a new website and smartphone application engineered to allow easy access to ski passes and ticket recharges.


Nevados de Chillán

One of the latest ski resorts to join Turismo Chile, Nevados de Chillán is one of several ski resorts in the southern areas of the country. This winter this ski center inaugurates a cahir lift with a 3 persons capacity. Ideal for snowboarders and families that like skiing together. The triple chair lift was named “El Refugio” and is nearby the renewed ski school and local restaurants.



In 2018, Corralco has decided to improve the gastronomic experience of the center. How have they made sure that the food experience will be a highlight this year? They have hired none other then the nationally renown chef Miguel Catricheo. This chef is famous for his culturally-conscious preparations. Local and international skiers will be treated to a one-of-a-kind experience this winter as the après ski will dish out delicacies created by Miguel Catricheo using local products such as murta, piñón, mote and wheat.


Ski Arpa

A unique experience in latinamerica created for experienced skiers and riders who love adventure. Prepare for a descent of 3000 thousand feet in the Aconcagua, one of the tallest peaks in the world straddling Argentina and Chile.The luxury in Ski Arpa is found in its ability to take you off the tourist circuit, offering you virgin snow and forcing you to connect to the mountain without distractions. Ski Arpa is a must-hit for any hardcore skier on a trip through the Andes.






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    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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