Corralco Ski Resort will open a new ski lift this season

The seventh lift, drag type, will be located to the
side of the Cornisa chairlift at the resort’s base. This investment is the
response to a series of clients demands.

As part of the Corralco Ski Resort investment plan, which includes infrastructure and services improvement and innovation, the station will open a new excellent-speed drag lift this winter, which aims to continue positioning it as the preferred snow destination for Chileans and foreigners.

“We are happy to
have a new ski lift this season, which is part of a medium-term investment plan
which aims to continue developing a world-class destination. We know that all
Corralco fans were looking forward to hear these news, that is why through our Instagram
@skicorralco we launched a contest to help us pick the name of it”, says Guillermo
Vergara, Commercial Manager.

The resort’s
seventh lift system will be located parallel to the Cornisa chair lift, with
the strategic purpose of responding to the four main demands of skiers and snowboarders
who visit Corralco every year.

First of all, it
will allow to increase the capacity of 800 skiers per hour, which will in turn contribute
to improve the skiers flow to the mountain, from the resort’s base, on more
busy days.

This lift also
aims to improve even more the experience offered by the resort to new skiers
and snowboarders, almost doubling the current beginners track, considered one
of the best in America, for its smooth slope and wide extension, which allow
learning in a safe and fun way. Also, expert skiers will have a new lift that
will quickly drop them at the top of the mountain.

Finally, when
wind and snow conditions do not allow the Cornisa chair lift operation, this
new lift will allow Corralco to continue open to the public, increasing the
range of weather conditions on which the resort will be open, thus offering a
better service and experience to all this season’s visitors.



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