Ex ALMA observatory Director will give astronomy talks in Explora Atacama during the days before the solar eclipse

The Italian astronomer Massimo Tarenghi, who has been the Alma observatory director and ESO (European Southern Observatory) representative in Chile, will be in Explora Atacama between
June 24 and 28, giving astronomy talks and teaching how to photograph the most expected astronomic event of the last few years: the July 2nd solar eclipse.

That day, in different regions of northern Chile the day will become night. In San Pedro de Atacama, the eclipse will be partial, but will still be a big spectacle. 77% of the sun will be covered causing different kinds of changes in the sky and weather, and the Explora Atacama team as well as the visitors coming on the days previous to the eclipse will be prepared for this event. “I intend to prepare travelers for this event from a scientific point of view, and from the astro-photographic aspect with theoretical classes and practical exercises”, said Massimo Tarenghi. For him, this event is “magical and exciting”, especially in the Atacama Desert, as it is one of the best places in the world for astronomy.

Massimo Tarenghi

Explora Atacama Observatory

The Atacama skies are some of the clearest ones in the world, and that is why it is one of the best ones for stargazing, that is why we opened the Explora observatory a few years ago. Protected by a dome, the observatory has a powerful telescope, the Meade 16” f/10 LX200R Advanced RD, with advanced optics and a main great- resolution and definition 40-cm-diameter mirror.

At night- if weather conditions allow it- travelers attend guided stargazing sessions. We start with a brief open-air explanation about the sky and the main constellations to then watch them through the telescope.



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