Experience Rapa Nui – Folkoric show and traditional UMU meal

Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the mystical island of Rapa Nui with the local tour operator travelArt and take part in this fascinating gastronomic and cultural experience.

One of Rapa Nui’s main tourist attractions is found in the traditional arts of the island, especially music and dance. The local community has preserved ancestral rituals, and has dance groups that have specialized in the cultivation of these disciplines. To see performances by Rapa Nui dancers is an incomparable experience, where you can discover the joyfulness of the locals and feel truly welcome.

During this tour, you will enjoy the traditional folkloric show Te Ra’ai, presented in the native Rapa Nui language and English. This event introduces you to the culture, history, food, and stories of the island and the Polynesian people. The name Te Ra’ai is adapted from ’Ko te Ra’ai’, meaning “where the sun is born”. You’ll be delighted by this entertaining dance and music spectacle. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture of Rapa Nui up close.

Most of the Easter Island music and dances are of Polynesian origin. Artistic expressions are an important part of the living memory of the Rapa Nui culture. Many of the island’s inhabitants have great musical skills, and the dances are accompanied by ancient instruments such as the hio, a kind of bamboo flute. The ukulele, which gives the melodies their exotic character, is also a popular musical instrument on the island.

Music is an important element of Rapa Nui culture, but so are the famous stone statues, the Moais, and the gastronomic delights. The typical food of Easter Island is mainly based on fish as well as seafood such as lobster, shrimps and rape rape, a smaller species of lobster native to the island. Dishes containing sweet potatoes, taro (a root vegetable), bananas and sugar cane are also typical on the island.

During this tour you will experience the unique preparation of one of the most traditional dishes of Easter Island, Umu or also called “Curanto of Easter Island“, as it resembles the Curanto of Chiloé. Umu is cooked in a hole in the ground with firewood and glowing stones. The stones are covered with banana leaves and meat and fish are cooked on top. Another layer of leaves is placed above, on which vegetables such as sweet potato, taro and manioc are slowly roasted. This is one of those dishes that invites to share in a convivial atmosphere. Enjoy this unique experience accompanied by delicious drinks.

Visitors describe this tour as an unforgettable experience and a fantastic presentation of Rapa Nui’s gastronomy and ancestral customs.

For more information on excursions on Rapa Nui:  info@travelart.com | www.travelart.com

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