Explore the magic, culture, and traditions of the fascinating Easter Island

One of the most desired activities by our passengers has always been to explore the magic of Rapa Nui. To learn about the history and myths that can only be understood when you set foot on the emblematic Mataveri Airport.

The arrival to Easter Island is attractive, colorful, and cheerful. The island’s charm takes shape as you get exposed to the culture, fauna, and flora. A real encounter with the Polynesian lifestyle to its purest.

This destination is ideal for people who search for new experiences with local cultures to learn about their history and traditions, especially the “Moais”. Learn about the origin of the mysterious statues on the island.

Regardless, that often this Island’s culture and traditions are compared to those of Hawaii. The “Rapa Nui ” have maintained their ancestral traditions in a deep-rooted manner like  their Polynesian traditions, which are commonly represented by their local’s colorful outfits and dances.

The island offers dream adventures for its visitors, from guided tours, excursions, local coffee tasting, and the famous ice creams of the Caleta (the local handmade ice cream). Also, you can try the exquisite flavors of typical gastronomy such as fish, tuna ceviche, and empanadas, which are creatively decorated with small details that make a difference.

The main characteristic of the island is that you can enjoy a unique peace and tranquility, as it is a rural and relaxed island. All the sunsets achieve a perfect color to portray beautiful and iconic postcards with statues in the background. In addition to this, you will be surprised by the locals’ charm and kindness. The islanders will ensure you feel welcomed and involved to really experience their lifestyle, dance shows, and Rapa Nui music.

In August 2022, this destination was reopened to the public, after the COVID-19 restrictions, moderately reopening its flight frequencies from Santiago to the island, and from the middle of this year with daily flight frequencies. This has allowed giving a respite to the flora and fauna of the island and its local inhabitants are ready to offer their best tourist services to visitors.

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