Four Reasons to Visit Torres del Paine in Spring

Torres del Paine was named in 2013 as the eighth wonder in the world by Virtual Tourist.  This favorite chilean destination is commonly visited during Chile’s summer months (December – March).  However, tourism experts from the area have identified advantages in visiting Torres del Paine in the Spring time (September and November).


Below, check out our list “Four Reasons to Visit Torres del Paine in Spring”.


  1. More Sunlight

Due to the Chile’s global positioning, daylight hours increase during this time of year. Visitors have more time to carry out travel activities throughout the park. The Patagonian spring time brigs with it an astounding flower bloom which covers the park with a festival of colorful petals. Amongst the most special and unique varieties lye the local native orchids. But it’s not just about the flora. Spring time fauna means that migratory bird species return and populate the park.


Birdwatchers, get ready for the best birdwatching of your life!


  1. Fewer Visitors

Between November and March, Torres del Paine receives the largest number of tourists. To avoid the crowds and enjoy a more local experience, September and October provide a surge in national tourism. This means that your fellow travelers are Chileans!  You will also enjoy less people in the hotels and camps meaning nobody is going to take your spot in the hot tub when you back from your treks.


  1. Wind? Why is it good?

Okay, more wind is a bit of a downer in most places. But not here. The surges of wind help create unrivaled cloud shapes in the sky. This means your photo shoots are going to be as unique as your fingerprints. And remember when you were a child and looked for shapes in the sky? Spring time skies in the park will have you seeing dragons, whales and unicorns all day!


  1. Competitive Prices

How important is it to get the best price for the same experience? Well that’s the holy grail for most travelers. Most hotels in Torres del Paine will have special deals and prices throughout the Spring. Here is a list of products that are open and will be carrying out special deals in 2018.



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