Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve’s Winter Program

In the southern part of the country, between Neltume and Puerto Fuy lies amid the Valdivian rainforest, the splendid Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, natural park named Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2007, famous for its beautiful cascades and for the emblematic huemul [Patagonian deer] conservation and preservation project, which attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists who are captivated by its world-famous architectural hotels.

Visiting Huilo Huilo is a family, couple or group of friends program, this Reserve surrounded by copihues and marvelous Nothofagus is covered in white during winter time for the delight of its visitors, and in July it kicks its snow season off, which attracts many visitors to live the magic of winter in the southern part of our country.

However, not everything is cold and snow in Huilo Huilo: options available during your stay include visiting the lake’s hot springs, crystal clear waters that flow naturally into the Pirihueico Lake, and are then transferred to 10 wood barrels, made out of old tree trunks, placed in the middle of the rainforest, for you to relax and disconnect from the city pace. To access the lake’s hot springs, you must go to the Reserve’s Visitor Centers, located in different points including:

  • Portal Huilo Huilo
  • Portal de Los Ciervos
  • Hotel Nothofagus
  • Puerto Fuy Visitor Center

There, you can request a “Termas del Lago” visit, which allows you to access to the Doña Hilda boat, which will take you from Puerto Fuy to the hot springs in an approximately 30-minutes ride, while observing the lakes unspoiled banks and its native rainforest.

Another must-see are the delicious Rañintulelfu hot springs, also known as the Huilo Huilo water springs, which are an excellent option to enjoy the warm thermal swimming pools and a modern infrastructure for visitors. Built in timber and volcanic stone, they allow a total-comfort stay in a natural environment amidst the rainforest and by the Rañintulelfu river. They are located on the Reserve’s northern border, on the Liquiñe–Carirriñe International Road, approximately 45 minutes away from the main Huilo Huilo complex. To access them you can just show up, or request it as an excursion in the Visitors Center above.

These are the reasons why visiting Huilo Huilo will always be the perfect excuse to disconnect from the city life and go deep into the south’s native forests: to experience scents, textures and a diversity of flavors in the middle of the Patagonian rainforest.



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