Let’s celebrate Chile’s National Wine Day!

Since 2015, every 4th of September, Chile’s National Wine Day is celebrated. It is a unique opportunity to pay homage to Chilean’s favorite drink. We have hereby left you with a series of entertaining panoramas that you might fight interesting in case you happen to be in Chile or want to plan something special for your clients.


Veramonte Wine Challenge


The well-known vineyard located in the Casablanca Valley is organizing the first “Viñedos Veramonte Wine Challenge”, an unpublished contest that experts will take place in a blind tasting. The participants will recognize vintages and places of origin of Veramonte Vineyards wines.




The aim of the initiative is to celebrate the three years of the Spiral Wine Club, the wine club of Viñedos Veramonte, and it will be possible to participate in two categories:




General: For all those passionate about wine, but who do not have certifications or specialization courses. In this category you can compete individually or in pairs.




Professionals: Are you a sommelier, did you do the WSET or have you taken a wine course or diploma? If so, in this category you can compete with wine professionals.




The contest will be held on Saturday September 1, 2018 in the hall of the visitor center in Casablanca Do not miss it!






Viña Santa Cruz


Located in Colchagua, this vineyard is one of the most emblematic of this beautiful valley. To celebrate, they are organizing different family activities such as free train rides for children on days 2,8,9 and 10 of September and 2×1 on the Body and Soul tour from August 27 to September 9.






Wine Association of Chile


‘Today wine is taken’, that is the motto of the various activities designed to celebrate this day. A massive and free event will be held on September 1 in the Quinta Normal Park and will have as main attraction a great work based on corks in honor of wine, where everyone can make their contribution. In addition, the event will include music, tastings, activities for children and foodtrucks.




Hazte socio de la La Federación de Empresas de Turismo de Chile

Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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