Live an authentic travel experience in Patagonia on board the Navimag ferry

The 2022-2023 travel season started in October and extends to March. ¡You can still live the adventure of sailing Patagonia on board the Navimag ferry!

Our Esperanza ferry takes you across the mysterious and unique Patagonian Fjords scenic route between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales.

This vessel is not a luxury cruise but a comfortable passenger and cargo transport ship where travelers like yourself can rest and relax as they sail in Patagonia without worrying about loading fuel or finding a place to sleep.

That way your only concern is watching the vibrant local wildlife and unique landscapes that the fjords and channels of Patagonia offer while sipping coffee in the cafeteria, relaxing in the lounge area, strolling the ferry’s three open decks or from your private cabin, which includes clean linen, bath towels, and a private bathroom.

You don’t have to worry about the food also! Your ticket includes full board -breakfast, lunch, dinner- and all activities on board, like yoga classes while enjoying breathtaking views in the morning from the open deck and fun lectures about the local wildlife.

This ferry trip is ideal for you if you travel with a flexible itinerary and want to authentically know some of the most beautiful spots in this austral destination.

During the voyage, you get to enjoy a fantastic scenic route with incredible natural attractions that people can only access by sea and hardly appear in standard travel guides.

Attractions that you can see along the 4 days/3 nights trip if traveling from Puerto Montt or 3 days/4 nights from Puerto Natales include breathtaking views, meandering channels, lush forests, glacier-topped volcanoes, and a virgin coastline sculpted by water, wind, and time.

Although the ferry trip is more than watching stunning landscapes and attractions! It can be an intimate experience, as you get to share stories and experiences with travelers from around the world and locals that use the ferry as a means of transport.

However, the route could vary from trip to trip, depending on the weather and tide conditions.

The weather is unpredictable in Patagonia all year round, although it can be more manageable between October and March.

That’s why you must factor in the weather when booking your ticket and pack for warm and cold days.

The Esperanza ferry experience allows you to sail the Patagonian Fjords scenic route as its first inhabitants did, but with modern comforts.

The ship was built in 2019 especially for Navimag, with a comfortable cafeteria, a renovated dining room, activity room, infirmary, three exterior decks, a cabin for reduced mobility, and the capacity to host 244 passengers.

Shared spaces and activities were designed exclusively for your comfort and entertainment, including a cozy lounge and an activity room with an entertainment system that connects to any tablet or mobile phone.

For information about the ferry route and travel requirements, visit our website or email us at

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