Navimag Ferries: The adventure of traveling to Patagonia by land

If you travel from Santiago to Torres del Paine by land, there is an optional sea route that goes from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, traveling four days and three nights on a cargo ferryboat.


Traveling to Patagonia is a great adventure, and if you travel by land it becomes a great challenge. You need to consider the inclement weather, road conditions, lack of services, long distances between cities, etc.


Although you need to be well prepared and informed to go on this journey, there are thousands of travelers who prefer this option to visit the area. What attracts 4×4 travelers, motorhomes or motorcycle riders to live this experience?


This is undoubtedly a unique experience, although you need to travel long distances to arrive to your destination, on the way it is possible to better appreciate nature. In this sense, the Navimag ferry becomes an excellent alternative to rest and see scenery that you would otherwise never have seen.


The four days and three nights journey starts in Puerto Montt, where you need to board on time and leave the vehicle in one of the ship’s two ramps, to then reach the ferry’s passenger area. This will soon change its aspect to welcome its passengers with a new and modern ship “Esperanza”, with 244 passengers capacity, which after two years of construction, is getting ready to operate the Patagonia Fiords route (Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales – Puerto Montt) during the 2019 – 2020 season.



This sea route values the slow trip. The difference between sailing through channels and sailing on the open sea, is that channels are inner waters and always quieter, where it is possible to enjoy unique landscape, spot sea animals and different kinds of birds.


There it is possible to see symbolic Patagonia spots such as the Corcovado Gulf or the Melimoyu, which is a stratovolcano with a 40-km burnt caldera northwest of Puerto Puyuhuapi. All this scenery is very impressive. There is also a change of direction when the boat crosses the Golfo de Penas, which is a complex area for navigation. The boat sails through large glaciers and channels, to then pass narrows and narrow cliffs that finally allow to take the passengers to the final destination in Puerto Natales.


This memorable trip suggests disconnection and invites to get to know other people, experienced travelers who value adventure. The crew offers different activities including yoga and bingo. There is no Wi-Fi service, which offers a good opportunity for reflection and relaxation.


This is an excellent experience for those who decide to travel to the south of Chile and live a fantastic trip in connection with nature. For further information visit



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