Nayara Hangaroa presents 4 programs to discover the magic of the Island

Natural beauty, mysterious statues and connection to a sacred and vibrant culture. Nayara Hangaroa’s mission is to offer our guests not only an authentic, warm and extraordinary service, but fundamentally to share with all of them the magic and enigma of Rapa Nui.

From the Rapanui family that inhabited this land for generations, to the team of architects, landscapers and artisans, and everyone involved in designing the Nayara Hangaroa experience wish to honor Rapa Nui culture and history. The hotel was designed as a tribute to the Orongo ceremonial center, one of the most iconic places on the island. When you walk through the Rano Kau crater and afterwards see the amazing architecture of Hangaroa, with its green grass roofs, curved buildings and textures, you will realize that the hotel is a tribute to Orongo, the site of one of the most important competitions in the history of the island, in which the best warrior of each clan competed to find the first egg of the Manutara bird that arrived in the spring. The winning clan of the competition would be the ruler of the island until the next spring.

The conservation of the natural resources of the island, the preservation of the archaeological heritage and the respect and honor of the culture of the Rapa Nui are the main philosophy behind the existence of the hotel. For this reason, we have designed 4 programs that allow us to accompany our guests to discover all this natural and cultural wealth at the pace they prefer, adapting to their preferences and tastes.

The DREAM program is the best alternative for the adventurous travelers who walk at their own pace, since it includes transfers to and from the airport, accommodation, and breakfast.

The DISCOVER program also includes a meal, either lunch or dinner, and a half-day excursion with one of our native guides for each night of your stay.

The FULL EXPERIENCE is the ideal program for the demanding guests who appreciate having everything resolved before their arrival. It includes transfers, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner a-la-carte, open bar and two half-day excursions with our native guides for each night of stay.

The FULL PRIVATE program is ideal for those who want a personalized and unique stay. Includes transfers, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and open bar, as well as an exclusive private guide to discover the island with total flexibility.

In all cases, when guests arrive at the hotel they will have an orientation meeting with our team of local guides, who will advise them and coordinate together the ideal itinerary. All the guides are Rapa Nui natives, which guarantees a deep immersion in the history and traditions of this enigmatic culture.

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