Patagonia National Park: Adventure and conservation in the same destination

The Patagonia National Park, a little-explored territory that hides unique landscapes, was created in December 2018. Located in the south of the Aysén Region on the Carretera Austral, this place has been defined as a priority conservation site due to its unique and biologically diverse ecosystems. It is the home to various native species from the region, such as Andean condors, guanacos, pumas, and huemuls, among others.

The area’s protection dates back to 1995, when Douglas and Kristine Tompkins realized the need to protect it and turned it into what is now one of Chile’s most important ecological restoration projects.

The Patagonia National Park is visited by thousands of people every year who want to enjoy the region’s unique landscape and wildlife. 


Explora in the Patagonia National Park is situated just a few kilometers from the Northern Ice Fields and is surrounded by spectacular rivers and lakes, opening the doors to a magnificent yet largely unexplored area with a strong focus on conservation.

The lodge, with 13 rooms, was built by Douglas and Kristine Tompkins and offers an intimate and private atmosphere, making it the ideal place for travelers interested in conservation, wildlife, birdwatching, and off-the-beaten-path nature. Its recent addition of two massage rooms and hot tubs provides the perfect way to relax after a day of exploration.

In addition to Explora’s recognition as the World’s Leading Expedition Company for the fourth consecutive year from the World Travel Awards, the lodge in the Patagonia National Park was distinguished as the World’s Leading Sustainable Lodge after just one year in operation along with the Conaf. It has photovoltaic panels that supply the lodge’s electricity, in addition to a water system that captures the water from a well and then makes it go through a double filter process so it can finally be used. 


Exploring Patagonia offers endless adventure, with over 35 destinations to explore in a variety of modalities such as hiking, overland crossings, biking, e-biking, and kayaking. There are also various difficulty levels, so all travelers can find the perfect way to discover this territory.

Additionally, another way to describe this territory is through the cuisine, designed by Pablo Jesús Rivero – owner of the restaurant “Don Julio”, distinguished as the second-best restaurant in Latin America by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 – and Guido Tassi, consultant chef to Don Julio. The proposition invites us to explore the territory through local flavors, products and traditions.

The lodge restaurant is also open to visitors who are not staying at the lodge, with prior reservation.


Explora offers all its travelers quick and direct connections by air between Balmaceda and the Patagonia National Park (Cochrane) from October to April.

There is also a lodge-to-lodge connection by air for travelers between Torres del Paine and the Patagonia National Park. All flights are carbon neutral.

For more information about Explora and the lodge visit

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