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Último Kilómetro Sports Marketing, in its second season, offers several sports experiences that challenge Road Bicycle Racing lovers, not only to go across extraordinary locations for cycling but also to get to know Chile by participating in fun and challenging sports events.

EVENT’S NAME: ChronoChallenge

DATE AND START TIME: Sunday, September 29th, 2019 / 9 am

DESCRIPTION: ChronoChallenge 2019 is an individual and duo Road Bicycle Racing time trial that will take place in its second version on Sunday, September 29th, in Chamisero, Piedra Roja – Laguna Chicureo. The 13-kilometer distance includes an attractive and challenging route that combines flat land and summit finish point climb in the Pie Andino area. A challenge that will allow you to outdo yourself against the clock year after year, as well as to face new sports challenges.

EVENT’S NAME: Clásica Puerto Patrimonio

DATE AND START TIMESunday, December 15th, 2019

DESCRIPTION:Clásica Puerto Patrimonio [Classic World Heritage Port] is a one-of-a-kind race in the country. Its second version, which will take place on Sunday, December 15th, 2019, is strengthened by the great experience in 2018. A unique race in a unique scenery. Valparaíso dared us to face its world heritage neighborhoods through the city’s symbolic places such as Plaza Sotomayor, Costanera Av. Altamirano, Estadio Elías Figueroa, Escuela Naval, Av. Gran Bretaña, Torpederas, Faro Punta Ángeles climb among others. However, the biggest challenge will undoubtedly be to face Taqueadero once again, a cobblestone climb that implies a quite particular difficulty. This Classic race takes place on a restless city circuit with non-stop technical difficulty (flat rides, climbs and descents, close curves, and especially cobble riding which demands a special effort).

If the first version was challenging, Clásica Puerto Patrimonio 2019 will be reloaded with excitement.

EVENT’S NAME: Gran Fondo Ruta del Vino by Viña Santa Cruz

DATE AND START TIMESunday, January 19th, 2020 / 9 am

DESCRIPTION: Chile is internationally renowned by the quality and variety of its wines. Based on tradition a whole culture has been developed to stand out people, architecture, handcrafted processes, food, and everything that is part of this noble product’s development.

Within this scenario, a unique opportunity arises. The Colchagua – Coast Valley opens its doors for the second consecutive year on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 to all cycling lovers, in order to go across its colorful settings and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

This is how the GF – Big Ride – Wine Route offers a countryside and coastal cycling experience, where changing roads and routes make a tough challenge of it. This version of GFRV offers its traditional 105K route; for those looking for a bigger challenge you will find 150K, and this year, for those who want to initiate in route trials, a Promotional 52K will be implemented (limited spots).

As a characteristic of Ultimo Kilómetro events, challenge is always present, that is why the last 2.6K of the route will take place on compact ground which demands technical abilities and maximum concentration to close your participation in this race.

The beautiful and quiet scenery provided by Viña Santa Cruz offers a special experience, ending the race while sharing a nice lunch is also part of what we want to create: enjoying a beautiful part of our country while practicing sports.

EVENT’S NAME: WomanBikeFest

DATE AND START TIMESunday, March 8th, 2020 / 9:30 am

DESCRIPTION: WomanBikeFest is an exclusive event for women that will take place on Sunday, March 8th, 2020, which combines a 70K route trial through the Valparaíso Region and a Closed Park experience, fully thought for participants and their partners.

The route includes riding through Zapallar, Papudo, Cachagua, Maitencillo and Puchuncaví in a beautiful ride of the Sea Route – Northern Coast where coastal roads meet forest areas. A location full of energy and natural beauty that will end in a Closed Park available to provide a space to share the route experiences, the passion for cycling and the joy to live around sports. This BikeFest will be an opportunity to feel satisfied and happy for sharing your cycling passion with friends, it will be the time to close the 2020 summer season around sports. You are invited to live an experience that will be a reference for women’s cycling events in Chile, because WomanBikeFest will be Chile’s Women Ride, and the best way to celebrate the International Women’s Day.


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