Round Up Discover Chile 2017

  • From September 29 to 5 October 5, Turismo Chile and its partners organized the best B2B meeting in Chile, where the international buyers met national suppliers and also visited Santiago, Chiloé y Torres del Paine.


For over 8 days, 35 international Tour Operators came to Chile in order to experience the tourist destinations the country offers. The program Discover Chile Extremo 2017 was organized by Turismo Chile and LATAM, and it had the purpose to establish Chile as an international destination attractive for everyone. According to LATAM, this activity (organized since 2012) should increase the amount of international visitors in 25%.


“With this kind of promotion we highlight new destinations, show the tour operators the infrastructure and promote the diversity of products and services internationally. So, we did´t just go visiting different regions in Chile, but the buyers participated in a workshop having meetings with 55 Chilean business. That day, we had over 1.000 meetings, ensuring several deals among them”, commented Debbie Feldman, Turismo Chile General Manager.


Tourism Profesionals, that came from Spain, France, England, Austria, Australia, South África, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay, visted 3 of the most remarkable destinations in Chile: Santiago, Chiloe and Torres del Paine.


“Despite its geographic location, Chile is today the best connected country in South America and with the highest ranges of traveling per capita. LATAM has accomplished a fundamental rol promoting tourism and the regional economy We´ve been over 80 years working as Chilean enbassadors in the world and we are proud of our contribution”, explained the airline´s Board President. 


International buyers joined a gastronomy route in Santiago and also visited a vineyard. After that they headed south to Chiloe Island, where they could visit some of the churches declared as World Heritage sites by the UNESCO, besides experiencing the local markets of Dalcahue and Achao. Once in Castro they had lunch and saw palafitos (stilt houses), one of the icons of the island, before heading to the extreme south of the country, Patagonia. In Torres del Paine National Park, they had de unique opportunity to sail to Grey Glacier and did several different activities among the park, not leaving this extreme detonation without a taste of beautiful wine, pisco and the local gastronomy.


“We are absolutely happy with this promotional activity and hosting this tour operators in the same month we received an award as the “Best Adventure Destination” in South America.”, stated Debbie Feldman.



During the launch event of Discover Chile 2017 at Sky Costanera this video was shown. Many participants at the event asked Turismo Chile staff for the video. Please find it below or access it directly on our YouTube channel here.

After the opening ceremony at Sky Costanera a Turismo Chile organised B2B business rounds (market place). Using match-making technology and expert market knowledge Turismo Chile successfully delivered +1,000 meetings in one morning. 35 Buyers from 13 countries held meetings with 55 of Chile’s best tourism products and services.

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