Solar Eclipse: The day turns into night in northern Chile – Enjoy it with Holiday Rent RV

The natural phenomena season comes to Chile dazzling with an unprecedented total solar eclipse, next July 2nd. Wonder at it and at other cosmic spectacles while comfortably sitting on a Holiday Rent RV camper.

The hotel availability is completely full for northern Chile for July this year, when a unique and wonderful astronomic event will take place: a total solar eclipse.

Atacama and Coquimbo are the regions where this eclipse will be observed with 100 and 95% visibility, respectively. They have also been called “totality zones”, and will witness total darkness on July 2nd, between 16:38 and 16:41.

According to the Chilean Astronomy Foundation, the seven best locations to watch the eclipse include:

•Domeyko (Atacama Region): It is the best location in terms of visibility, but the eclipse will only be seen for 22 seconds.

•Cachiyuyo (Atacama Region): It is an excellent place to come with your camper, because it has low hills and scarce cloudiness.

•Posada El Escorial (Atacama Region): It has hills that will offer you a postcard image and scarce cloudiness.

•La Silla Observatory Airfield (Coquimbo Region): Appointed by the Foundation as the best place to set a “base camp”.

•Incahuasi (Atacama Region): the eclipse will be seen for a long while in this area.

•Entre Pircas (Atacama Region): It will have the same conditions as La Higuera, but with less cloudiness.

•La Higuera (Coquimbo Region): The eclipse will reach its longest duration in this area, but since it is close to the coast it might be cloudy.

This nature phenomenon is part of an eclipse season in Chile, as in December next year there will be another one, to the south of the Araucanía Region.

Other places to visit while here

Making the most out of the time and resources is the premise of a camper trip; therefore, besides watching the July 2nd’s eclipse, you can make the most out of your northern Chile trip by visiting other places in one of the best seasons
for it.

You can pick up one of our fully-equipped Holiday Rent RV campers in Santiago or Calama. If you get them in Santiago, you can enjoy an incredible itinerary by the Chilean beaches and the astonishing Near North, where culture and the possibility for open-air activities and sports are truly endless. They include Pan de Azúcar National Park, perfect beaches for water sports such as Bahía Inglesa, or climbing the world’s tallest active volcano, Ojos Del Salado.

If you pick up the camper in Calama, you can go all over the Far North visiting the world’s driest desert, and see all the attractions in beautiful places such as San Pedro de Atacama, the Moon Valley, the Atacama Salt Flat, the El Tatio Geysers, among many others.

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