Te Ana, Easter Island heritage route

The most remote inhabited island in the world has a number of distinct tourist routes, allowing one to get to know in depth one of the most enigmatic cultures on the planet. Te Ana has a route that includes five landmarks, among them the Tahai ceremonial complex, where it is said you can view the best sunset on Easter Island, where the romance of the sky is accompanied by five giant Moai that stand watching the horizon.

Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert anthropological museum: combines archaeological artifacts with the characteristic elements of the local heritage. Located in Tahai, you can visit on foot or by vehicle. Its main attraction is comprised of a collection of information, both geological and of the civilization of the island, at different stages of its development.

Complejo Ceremonial Tahai (Tahai Ceremonial Complex): includes three altars and the only restored Moai, with eyes colored with white coral and red volcanic rock. An example of how the Moai would have once looked. It is said that here can be seen one of the best sunsets.

Ana Te Pahu: in front of its entrance, due to the humidity, a lush cover of vegetation grows on the rocky walls. Inside this cave there are two underground conduits, one of which contains a source of rain water, the second serving as a refuge.

Ahu ‘a Tiu: is an altar with seven Moai, reconstructed by archaeologists with the help of the Rapa Nui community. Like other platforms of the island, its Moai look exactly towards where the spring equinox occurs.

Puna Pau: an esplanade in which you will find a small crater from where the red volcanic rock, used in sculpturing of the Moai’s hair, was quarried. In the area you will see 23 cylindrical prototypes in their initial stage of being carved.


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