Tembeta introduces a new tourist circuit for Chile “The Great Atacama Coast: La Serena, Huasco, Bahía Inglesa and Pan de Azúcar”

In order to offer new attractions and experiences to local and foreign tourists traveling through Chile and looking for amazing landscape, unknown destinations and great adventures, TEMBETA Tour Operador, from La Serena, has created the route “Atacama Coast: beaches in the world’s driest desert”. This route allows travelers to get to know one of the planet’s most beautiful coastlines, Atacama’s, well-known for having Chile’s best beaches and amazing archeological, paleontological and geological remains that teach us about the astonishing ancient lives in the world’s driest desert.


This land circuit officially starts in La Serena (45-minute flight from Santiago), and shows us incredible attractions such as the astronomic observatory that photographed the first supernova in the history of humanity; the old mining town of Domeyko and its symbolic industrial mining heritage; the Huasco Valley and Chile’s oldest olives; Llanos del Challe National Park’s beaches, flora and cactuses; Carrizal Bajo’s flamingos and black-neck swans and its archaic coast all the way to Totoral Bajo. Later, travelers can also discover the amazing coastal summer settlements of Barranquilla and Puerto Viejo until reaching the beautiful mouth of the Copiapó River, its wetlands and the large beach in front of the Chata and Atacama islands. The first section of the Atacama Coast Route ends in Bahía Inglesa and Caldera. The second part of it continues and extends to the north, where you can visit the amazing archeological site of Obispito Las Lisas to finish in Chañaral visiting the Pan de Azúcar National Park, and from its Coastal Range, see one of the planet’s most beautiful sunsets.


Local and foreign tourists usually do not know this route, because there is no public transportation, tourist agency or rent-a-car system to introduce the access and coast of the world’s driest desert, in this case, from Huasco to Bahía Inglesa; that is why many tourists travel to San Pedro from La Serena, skipping the Atacama Region, in a quite tiring trip of over 16 hours by bus. This was the reason to create this route, considered a new treasure for the tourist industry as it eases connection from La Serena to San Pedro de Atacama (SPA), through an attractive, comfortable and fun route and tourist program. From Pan de Azúcar, where our route ends, the night-bus trip to San Pedro de Atacama takes only 7 hours.


The great Atacama Coast route can be done in a 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-days/3 nights program, and can even start where the Atacama desert begins, the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, and its Choros, Gaviotas and Chañaral islands.


For further information please e-mail contacto@tembeta.cl



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