Termas Aguas Calientes: A renovated plan at Puyehue National Park

Amidst the Puyehue National Park rainforest and rivers, you can find the Termas Aguas Calientes complex. This 2019, new remodeled cottages aim to renew the atmosphere in this place and receive tourists who enjoy the snow at the park – Continue reading for further details!

Millenary trees have been growing in the Puyehue National Park since early ages. There, the Chanleufu River, and the Puyehue and Casablanca Volcanoes attract groups of tourists who come seeking for peacefulness in this spot of the southern Andes.

Can you imagine waking up among trees and looking at the river? In Termas Aguas Calientes, in the heart of the Puyehue National Park, you can do it. The complex, existing for over 30 years, has been renovated to provide a new experience for everyone who is looking for some days of connection with our country’s southern nature.

Thermal Water at your door

Thermal water flows from Puyehue National Park groundwater, which feeds the Termas Aguas Calientes swimming pools. However, if you wish to have a more personalized stay, you can choose one of our domes or cottages with private barrels. Those native-timber hot tubs provide a relaxing experience in your own terrace. Come and live the opportunity of waking up in the morning with a thermal bath or relaxing your muscles after a walk in the park.

Good Architecture merges with the rainforest

The Puyehue National Park has hundreds of years. That is why we believe that architecture must complement the scenery and not burst into it. Following this philosophy, we remodeled our old cottages. With an architecture projected by the award-winning architect Mathias Klotz, the new cottages aim to have more light and to make use of the material nature of its surroundings, while keeping Chile’s southern soul in them. Decoration was in the hands of Dominique Brinck using local raw materials.

Forest Bathing in Puyehue National Park

During the last couple of years “forest bathing” has become increasingly popular. The idea is to submerge in long walks out in the nature to help reduce the stress and favor calm in a currently stressed world. The 107,000 hectares of the Puyehue National Park are the perfect place to enjoy this therapy. Come and hike amid humid ferns and nalcas, where the only sound that you can hear is the river flow and birds that inhabit this incredible natural reserve.

Snow just a few kilometers away

18 kilometers away from de Termas Aguas Calientes you will find the classic Antillanca ski resort. This place, in the foothills of the Casablanca Volcano, is located in the middle of the Puyehue National Park. From there, you can get amazing views. Unlike other ski resorts, this place allows practicing snow sports surrounded by native trees of the southern Andes.

What are you waiting for to live the Termas Aguas Calientes experience? Come and meet us.



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