Termas Puyehue: Much more than just Snow

Ski days at Puyehue National Park do not end when tracks close. Thermal swimming pools, escape rooms and bowling are some of the activities that Termas Puyehue has to offer after enjoying snow – Continue reading for further details!

The sun comes down at Antillanca ski resort, at the heart of Puyehue National Park. Skiers start coming down, ski lifts stop and tracks close. The day, however, does not end there. Once back at the Termas Puyehue Hotel, activities await skiers who wish to amuse themselves and relax after an intense day of snow.

Skiing or snowboarding can make you burn about 400 calories per hour. This makes them excellent sports as most of the body muscles work. To enjoy snow the next day, you need to recover and rest well.

What kind of activities does Termas Puyehue offer you? Now we’ll tell you.

Thermal Swimming Pools

Thermal waters are proven to relax muscles after a high intensity sports day that is why they are the perfect plan after a day out in the snow. Water high temperatures, coming straight from the Puyehue National Park, reduce muscles stiffness and help soothe joint pain. Our indoors pool opens until 9 pm, including jacuzzis and hydro massage. We will be waiting for you to relax and then enjoy a restful sleep.

El Pescador Bar

Physical effort when skiing or practicing winter sports requires recharging energies. After tasting the buffet dishes and recovering your strength, you can visit El Pescador Bar. There, our barman prepares classic drinks as well as his own creations, like the Lago Puyehue cocktail. If you are lucky, you will also meet Víctor, hotel barman for 40 years, who will tell you the most incredible stories about this place and the celebrities that he has served.

Escape Room

Have you ever joined an escape game? This kind of activities that have become increasingly popular in the last years since their creation in 2008 in Japan, encourage team work. There you must solve an enigma in 60 minutes to be able to escape a room. The trick is that the problem can only be figured out when working as a team with all the team members. In Termas Puyehue we have two kinds of riddles to solve, one for the whole family and the other one with higher difficulty for adults.


Some competition does not hurt anybody, especially when it is a fun game such as bowling. This sport, dating back from the Egyptians times, has been able to transcend in time. In fact, its rules have been standardized since 1894, a long time ago. We will be waiting for you to play with the family or friends; we have five alleys to enjoy until 11 pm, shoes included.

Come and meet us! We will be waiting for you at Termas Puyehue.



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