The 2016 snow season gets underway in Chile

It’s estimated that this season 1.300.000 visits will be made to ski centers located across the country; a figure that was shared by the Undersecretary of Tourism’s Studies Division during the official launch of the 2016 snow season that took place in the El Colorado center.

Participants of the activity included the Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes, ski centers that are associates of the Ski Centers Association (ACESKI), including La Parva, El Colorado, Portillo, Valle Nevado, Corralco, Volcano Osorno, Antillanca and Cerro Mirador, amongst other authorities.

Undersecretary Montes highlighted that, “we estimate the arrival of more than 1.300.000 visits to Chile’s Winter centers this season, representing a 9,4% increase on 2015 and anticipating that, in total, visitors will spend close to US$130 million.

It’s also estimated that during the 2016 season 30% of tourists will be foreigners; a figure that will translate into 60% Brazilians, 15% Argentines, 7% Europeans and 4,4% coming from the Unites States.

Turismo Chile’s General Manager, Debbie Feldman, confirmed that an important part of promotional efforts for the winter season have been focused on Brazil, with campaigns run in cooperation with LATAM and Portillo, Valle Nevado and Corralco ski centers. “We hope to reverse the season and boost different travel combinations that include wine routes, trips to Valparaiso and Santiago,” she commented.

The president of ACESKI, Thomas Grob, highlighted that, “there are 20 winter centers located along the length of our country, where tourists can enjoy adventure, sports, nature, termal baths, gastronomy and wines. We’re proud to announce that the associate centers of ACESKI have together invested more than US$21 million in this season alone”.

To make the most of the snow in Chile, visits can be organized to Portillo, Ski Pucón, La Parva, Parque de Farellones, El Colorado, Corralco, Valle Nevado, Termas de Chillán, Chapa Verde, el Centro Volcano Antuco, Volcano Osorno, Antillanca, Huilo Huilo, Las Araucarias, and other alternatives.

Fat bikes, heli ski, trekking with snow shoes, night time skiing, sleigh rides, or even just playing in the snow, are just some of the activities on offer during the winter months in Chile.



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Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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