The shelter of King penguins in Tierra del Fuego

Amidst the natural wilderness on the shores of the Magellan Strait, a small community of king penguins have chosen to make this spot their home. As the penguins´long-term nesting site, this place has become one of the most interesting touristic attractions of Tierra del Fuego.

The island of Tierra del Fuego is the biggest in Chile, stretching across 29,484 square kilometers. From the southernmost point of the Chilean Patagonia at Punta Arenas to the penguin´s nesting site, the area includes 300 kilometers of territory. The science park has received tourist visits since 2011.

The King Penguin Park is a private reserve encompassing 30 hectares where more than 50 penguin couples can be visited. According to archeological findings in the area, many have lived here for thousands of years, whether intermittently or on a permanent basis.

Tourists arriving to visit the King Penguin Park of Tierra del Fuego are received in a unit protected from wind and cold, where they go through an orientation about keeping proper distance from the penguins. Tourists can observe the birds from 50 meters away behind the park´s wood panel fences, which were installed to comply with bird-watching regulations.

The largeness of the King Penguin, whose scientific King is Aptenodytes Patagonicus, is superseded only by the Antarctic Emperor Penguin. The King Penguin can reach a meter in height, although most are about 90 centimeters tall. They are distinguished by their unique coloring: a mixture of yellow and orange covers their necks and head.



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