Three Consecutive Eclipses will take place in Chile

Things that only happen in the longest country in the world, owner of a crazy and unique geography. During 2019, 2020 and 2021 in Chile three successive total solar eclipses will be seen in 3 very different places: one will cross the Atacama desert, another will cross thousand-year-old araucaria forests in the south of Chile and the last one will take shape in the Antarctic .




This succession of eclipses is uncommon. It can occur exceptionally in the same extremely long territory, and Chile, with its 8,000 kilometers from Arica to Antarctica, owns incredible geographic and climatic contrasts. We already tell you about the eclipse in northern Chile. This is the information you should know for those who may be present in the south:






Eclipse in Villarrica




Date: Monday, December 14, 2020


Duration: 02 minutes, 09 seconds




In its passage through Chile, the umbra fringe will be 90 kilometers wide and will cross the Araucanía region, the scene of active volcanoes, lakes, rivers and forests of thousand-year-old araucarias, where the Mapuche ethnic group lives. Although the climax will be in Villarrica, it can also be seen in other nearby towns such as Puerto Saavedra, Carahue, Nueva Imperial, Teodoro Schmidt, Nueva Imperial, Pitrufquén, Freire, Gorbea, Temuco, Loncoche, Licán Ray, Pucón, Curarrehue and Caburgua.






Eclipse in Antarctica




Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021


Duration: 01 minute, 54 seconds




This incredible show will also be lived on the white continent, in the most inhospitable and unpopulated scenario on planet earth. The shadow of the moon will darken the Weddell Sea and its dark band will pass over eternal ice. Although there are still 3 years to go before this event, the Chilean tour operators are already preparing themselves through the creation of interesting products that are about to be launched.




For example Antarctica 21, the first specialized air-cruises in this remote territory, is offering the option of a charter trip to witness the phenomenon. They are currently in the final stages of the construction of the Magellan Explorer, the first ship created for air-cruising to Antarctica and also, the first polar ship built by a Chilean Antarctic operator. It is a state-of-the-art ship that will offer a first-class experience on board.




If you are interested in witnessing these landmarks of nature, we recommend you prepare your trip and book the services in advance.



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