When you travel with the freedom that Wicked South America provides, you discover amazing places as you discover yourself

Traveling in a Wicked campervan is a very enriching experience because you move completely free. You are not tied to rigid tours, limiting schedules or bookings. This not only allows you to discover amazing places, new people and their lifestyles, but it also allows you to discover yourself, because you connect with nature at a level that you wouldn’t if you were traveling in a different way.


The Wicked campervans have it all, they are your vehicle, hotel and restaurant at the same time. Also, each WickedCamper has an exclusive painting work and fun messages. Many clients get stopped on the road and asked to be photographed with their flashy campers, such as the “Farkas President” Camper, the Indio Picaro Camper, or the Donald Fart (Trump) one, among many others.


Most of the Wicked roadtripers come from Europe, they know the brand and the #vanlife style, so they know what to expect and the aventures that they can get from the freestyle traveling. They mainly prefer to travel through the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Perito Moreno, Carretera Austral, Ushuaia and take their time to do it. The second favorite destination is San Pedro de Atacama, with all its nearby attractions. Since we have 5 branch offices available in the main tourist destinations, sometimes they pick up the WickedCamper in Santiago, visit Valparaíso, head south to the Lake District and end the trip in Patagonia leaving the vehicle in Punta Arenas to fly back home.


Wicked South America


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    Mantente informado a diario de las noticias de la industria turística nacional.

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